What the Teachers Say

“Your programs are non-judgmental and encourage a wide variety of discussion. I recommend them for any group that needs to know more about animal issues.” —Gary Skarsten, Futuristics Teacher, Braham High School

“I have enjoyed having you in my Health 2 classes for the past [several] years. Your presentations have always been very educational and eye-opening. You know how to get the students involved and thinking critically about animal issues. Many students come away with a new attitude towards the various topics which are covered. I would highly recommend your programs to all secondary school teachers.” —Liz Olson, Health Teacher, Irondale Senior High

“As a biology teacher, I have a deep respect for all life and it makes sense to me to communicate that to my students. Bridges of Respect allows me to do that. It opened up my students’ minds to new points of view and enabled them to think about non-human life in ways which they had never thought about before.” —Therese Seitz, Biology Teacher, Ivan Sand Community School

What the Students Say

‘I wasn’t aware of so many ways animals are used for entertainment and liked that she was observant and respectful. Also, that she showed us how we can help and offered information.” —Bianca, student

“Your animals in science presentation made a lot of sense. I didn’t realize how much I could do to make such a difference!” —Jason, student

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to come speak at our school. I enjoyed your presentation and it really got me thinking. It was amazing to hear about all of the alternatives out there. Your compassion was inspirational to myself and many others.” —Student Committee

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